Louet fun.

                            No wool here! No wool in the shawl either. See how I pulled it off! 
From fiber to shawl-come read my guest blog on Louet's Blog (yes...that Louet!). A call about a vintage Classic carder-let to this fun guest blog entry.

Fun stuff about nylon. Check it out-and enjoy! Click here to hop over

Rainbow cardi 2.0!

Boom! It's finished. It's off the hooks. This WIP went on and on. It suffered from being stuck in no-sleeveland. This is a fabulous pattern. Really easy to adapt, and and make your own. I knitted this on #8 needles, the yarn was my handspun with BFl/Nylon. Way different drape than the solid merino that I knitted before! This one is much bigger, and won't be outgrown anytime soon.

Rainbow love. Fun stuff.


 Carnival colorway on Merino Superwash base.

 Patina Rose colorway on my BFL/Nylon superwash base.
 Autumn Rainbow on my merino superwash base.

A big thank you to everyone who snapped up my latest I listed them! My Etsy cha-ching app was going bonkers. Just like old times, so heartwarming! A few missed their favorites, by getting cart-jacked. It's a strong message, that I need to dye more roving. Dye it faster, and get the shop stocked. The latest update was a huge validating success. Thanks everyone!

I'm headed back to the studio to make more fiber lovelies. xo!
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