Wild batts...

This isn't a preview...all of these gorgeous batts are listed!

Over The Rainbow went to the dark side...Dark Rainbow :)

Yummy gorgeous batts. These took awhile to card! I had fun making a pile of one off single batts. There's something for everyone. Etsy isn't syncing with Facebook-couldn't post anything. And Mailchimp-what is up. I couldn't send out a newsletter! Hopefully you guys have RSS feeds going...this collection of 21 listings is incredible!

I hope they spark your spinning mojo. I admit to saving a few for my own stash :)
Check out the shop-everything is listed, yay!

Haberdashery Rosette

Decorate a pre-made cloche hat or make your own. I did a felting tutorial on The Woolery's blog over here. I am obsessed with Netflix's Peaky Blinders. It's an amazing show set in post WW1 and the 20's. Amazing hats, and style!

various yarns, chunky bulky  art yarns are fun. I used my own handspun yarns.
sewing needle
crinoline, or mesh fabric

Sewing skills: basic
Time needed: about an hour and a half

Fig E: Cut out felt leaves. About 2" long, shape however you want.
Fig F-G: add art yarns to the leaves. Tack down with dark or coordinating threads. I edged mine in some chartreuse plyed handspun. The plyed texture helped hide the thread stitches.

Fig H: Using a piece of mesh or millinery crinoline start planning your rosette.

Fig I: Start in the center of the rosette. Add some chunky art yarn.
          Then double the main color of yarn into two strands.
          Tack it down with thread every inch.
          Tack and switch directions, building up a dimensional rose motif.

Fig J: I added some chunky felted super bulky yarn pieces, in addition to the thinner hot pink yarn. It's what was in the studio-why not! Tack, and spiral...building around and around. This rosette is pretty basic, turn and tack. I finished the rosette by braiding three strands of my thinner hot pink yarn. Then tacked it down the outside circumference of the rosette.

Trim the excess crinoline of mesh away. Add leaves!

I used my felt strip, that I saved from trimming the cloche brim. Wrapped it around the crown, and tacked it down with thread. Position your rosette, and choose where you want the leaves. I decided two simple leaves were best.

 Cute, and stylish! You can tack the flower on, or make it into a pin. That way you can change out what you wear with the hat. Pull out your yarn stash, and get creative. Enjoy!


It should be a 4 letter word. I tried hitting it several times with 3 different needles recently. Which made me wonder if my yarn wasn't DK, and sportweight? Or am I just knitting too tight. Or...

When I started knitting, I broke all the rules. I didn't know what WPI (wraps per inch) or gauge was. As my knitting became finer-and spinning too I realized I had to learn. I'm very stubborn sometimes when learning something new. I'm used to making things work, and thinking outside the box. Gauge means I need to conform. Sometimes, right? It's also connected to math, which is not something I love.

So, I sucked it up, and with #5 needles I achieved 24 sts per 4"
With #6 needles I got 24 sts per 4" (wtf, right?)
With #7 needles, and here I was thinking I'm golden-I got 23.5 sts per 4"

The pattern calls for 18 sts per 4" yes, it's on #7 needles. I am trying to make smaller yarn do bigger things. I might sally forth, knitting a smaller size. Wing it and see? Knitting For Dummies says it's foolhardy to ignore gauge. Maybe.

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