Can You Repeat That?

How long, exactly is that color repeat? You see a gorgeous gradient braid, and wonder-gee how long would that fractal be. The answer, is fairly surprising.

Shown here on targhee superwash-a rainbow colorway. Surprise! About 2 feet of continuous color tucks into a tiny 4 inches of braid. Isn't it incredible, how it's deceiving? As an example, the stretch of chartreuse green is fairly compact.

So, you get a lot of color! Which is great when spinning fractal style. (fancy word for striped)

It's pretty amazing, so now, when browsing to enhance your stash you can visualize better how much color you'll get. A lot of fiber packs into those 4oz hanks I dye.


Contains many things! All that yarn, and then some.

Aspirations, right? What motivates you? For me it's yarns that's just damn gorgeous.

Stash. It happens. Once I knew someone, who had so much yarn, it was almost a yarn store. She was so addicted, that it became about the yarn, not actual making. Which, I am assuming is the fine line we all walk? My hoard is small, compared to others. I took it out of a old armoire recently, where it was tucked this way and that. Baskets overflowing! There was so much more, in there than I had realized. I sorted, I organized. Gasp....I purged. I donated. OMG!!

So now, there's a system, of sorts. I always plan on being organized somehow, and getting it right for once. Yarn literally becomes a metaphor for life. Like, what's your idea of fun? Mine is discovering an amazing pattern on Ravelry- like Hedgehog Fibres Outline. Yeah!! And realizing with a happy dance, that I have all the yarn to make it. Then, not making it. LOL it's queued, right? 

That's my fun, compared to maybe, kayaking or jumping off a bridge into the river. I'm a quiet, thrill seeker. Finding joy in the smaller, less bold things. You know, like when your cat scratches Fred Flinstone-like madly at the fish tank glass. That was the biggest laugh of the weekend-forever remembered as the most silly funniest thing ever. Yarn. It's a good thing! I plan to never hide skeins under the bed. I'm sticking to my system. No more stuffing it willy-nilly into a cabinet without a plan. I will get to that Outline pattern, maybe sometime right when Spring rolls around ;)

A favorite pattern: Hitchhiker

                  Hello, selfie! My Hitchiker-using Hedgehog Fibres "Oil Slick" yarn. So pretty!

A favorite pattern is the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm. I have knitted it once, what a great pattern. It's long, and has little 'teeth' up one side. A nod towards the Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

If you can knit, purl, kfb you've got it made. You can use any wool, or needle. I prefer to stick with the smaller 2.5 needles...These are easy stitches. The only hassle is remembering which row you're on. Which isn't hard, with a stitch counter. The pattern is probably one of the most knitted, Ravelry says there's 19,500 projects made! I love that about Ravelry-they show the pattern, and examples of it made. You can filter to see handspun yarn and much more.

So when, I mentioned I was up for knitting another scarf...I asked my daughter "what pattern" she answered: Hitchiker! So I find myself casting on again :)

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