Unwrap some batts!

Hello! Grace Hopkins is going to include my batts in her upcoming "Batts" book. How fun!
Check out this fun short on her opening the batts I donated :) She wrote SPIN, and ROVING. It'll be exciting to see what yarns she spins with my chunky textured batts.

More about the book, and what it's all about on Grace's blog!

Snafu yarn?

So what do you when you're spinning, and the yarn is loose. What if it breaks? I felt mine back together, and keep going. Yarn, does it ever turn out as expected? After a long hiatus from spinning, I'm beginning to get with the program.

See how I take this XXL oversized thick & thin to this:

Enjoy, and have fun watching!

And...edited to say:
Building off the video above, I decided to shoot another. What to do when the yarn breaks? It was a real bummer, since Baby our rescue kitty chewed the yarn in half! She snuck over, while I took a quick spinning break and om nom nom...chowed down. The little nugget.

Thankfully, she passed the yarn without any issues, I was a little concerned. Anyhoo-here's another mini video on how to fix a broken yarn-while you're plying. Keep in mind it will only work with a non superwash yarn.

Peaky Blinders!

Knitting, spinning yarn and all that go with damn good TV. Some things you can knit to. This isn't one of them! This is set, the effing project down, and stare at the screen in wonder. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Yeah, there's Downton Abbey, and other Masterpiece Theater fun. The Walking Dead...nope. Peaky Blinders kicks their ass. Peaky Blinders? Yes. The lead, Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) is more amazing than any of those characters. He's incredibly flawed, yet so driven. He blows Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy out of the water, making him look like a whiny bitch. The only comparison is Jax also had a gang-yet it's nowhere near the close knit Shelby clan. If you've seen Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, or Ripper Street they might prime you a little bit for viewing Peaky Blinders. It's all gangster! Based in post WW1 Birmingham, this is an epic crime drama that pushes the limits. The bad guys are bad-the law? Chief C.I. Campbell played by Sam Neill-who's so good, you'll hate him! Also starring Tom Hardy (hello Hurt Locker, Lawless), Tommy Flanagan, and the lovely Helen McCrory. The women! Gutsy, strong and intelligent.

Trust me, watch 2 episodes, then get a friend hooked.

If you're a fan of cinematic, incredible TV do yourself a favor and put the Wii on!! It's low commitment-only 6 eps per season-which end way too soon. You'll enjoy the soundtrack-it's modern and not prissy like many of these period piece dramas are.  Stream it or order the discs from Netflix! Then thank me profusely for telling you about this genius show. Sorry-you won't be able to knit through this one. xo

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