Carnival colorway on Merino Superwash base.

 Patina Rose colorway on my BFL/Nylon superwash base.
 Autumn Rainbow on my merino superwash base.

A big thank you to everyone who snapped up my latest I listed them! My Etsy cha-ching app was going bonkers. Just like old times, so heartwarming! A few missed their favorites, by getting cart-jacked. It's a strong message, that I need to dye more roving. Dye it faster, and get the shop stocked. The latest update was a huge validating success. Thanks everyone!

I'm headed back to the studio to make more fiber lovelies. xo!

Time to knit!

I learned a new trick! Russian join works amazing when working with two colors. It's really sturdy, and easy to do. Best thing? No ends to weave in! I used it with the new Chevron scarf I am knitting. Fun pattern!

Here's a an easy video on how-to:

I don't know if you noticed. I'm blogging less. Ever since I read this article on how blogs are "so over" I write less. I'm off living life, building a house & more. I still spin yarn, for different things. My focus on art yarns has shifted some. I'm spinning finer yarns. Haha! Traditional progression to more yardage! Anyhoo, I am more active on Instagram these days. Follow me there!


Full circle

I received a message on Ravelry today from a new spinner. It made me think. When I first started out, it was overwhelming. So much information! Too much information. I was frustrated, but so psyched to have the wheel. In 3 days I had made yarn. That was in November, 2008. I took my super thick first yarn, it was about 34 yards...and crocheted it into one of my all time favorite hats. See pictures of it below! 

 Here's my recommendations to newbie spinners:
Watch a lot of videos on spinning. It's about how your hands feed the fiber into the wheel. There's so many different techniques, don't worry about them now. Try for actually getting yarn. no matter what the shape onto the bobbin. Your first skeins will be dreadful, but awesome!
The hardest part is adjusting the tension so the fiber feeds right. It was easy with my first wheel, a Lendrum DT. I have a Schacht Ladybug, a Echo from Spinolution, and a Ashford Country Spinner 2. You'll get it eventually! Check out the book "Start Spinning" by Maggie Casey. It was my first spinning book-a really good primer on spinning. It will take at least 6 months to get the basics down. If you get discouraged, walk away from the wheel, and try again the next day.
My favorite spinning videos are, from Rexenne on Youtube. She's funny, and very relate able...and seriously a genius.

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