Wordless Monday


Palouse Fiber Fest!

 Jenkins amazing walking wheel. I wanted to try it, there was a line!

 The co-op table. Look at my pretty batts! Sold a bunch :)

 Shelley Stone of the Yarn Underground (right) with amazing instructors including Sarah Swett.

 Fun times! Check out the Kenworthy Theater marquee.

 Anna Marsh's pretty fibers. Check out that felted mask!

 Jenkins spindles were really pretty. Bustling happy room of fiber folks...

 Sarah Swett's indigo class. Everyone scattered when I brought out the camera!

 I bought three skeins of yarn from this booth. Pretty, pretty!

 The Palouse Fiber Fest was a huge deal. It's been a few years since I've seen the 1912 building full of spinners. Classes were fun looking! From Fair Isle knitting, to indigo dyeing with Sarah Swett there was stuff going on. I bought a bunch of amazing yarn, and some sweet springy Targhee. I dyed it a deep royal blue. Lovely stuff! Jacey Boggs cancelled at the last minute-too bad she would have fit right in :)
Moscow, a real fiber destination. Excited to go again next year!

Where the fleece is!

 Freshly shorn! Happy sheep head out into the field.

 Cheryl also has goats! She makes cheese, and much more from their milk.

 Sweet barn kitty watches us look over the fleece!

 Cheryl skirting, and looking over a fleece. All her spinning fleece sheep are coated.

Look at that lock! Rambouillet cross.

I am lucky as I have a great local source for fleece. My friend Cheryl runs Little Canyon Lavender & Wool Farm nearby. She keeps Rambouillet, Merino, and Blue Faced Leicester sheep. We visited on a sunny day late in April. What a great place! I bought three fine fleeces. I test washed the curliest one. Angel hair! Soft and super curly, guaranteed to add wonderful texture to my batts.

More happy fun news:

Remember this sweet cardigan I knitted for the kid? It's been featured in the neatest place!

Jacquard Products has used a closeup of the rainbow cardigan for their new acid dye set! How sweet is that? A big win for all handspinners everywhere. Anytime handspun yarn is featured, it's all good!

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