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Sayra, formerly known as the Hatdiva started making fanciful, romantic ladies hats in 1991. Her innate gift using color led to many fun hat designs. After years of dyeing silks and fashioning straw hats, she switched gears. With a crawling baby underfoot, it became harder to craft the elaborate hats of the past. Simplifying a bit, she began felting with wool...and it took hold. An obsession for all things wool began!

Atomicblue Fiber was born.

From offbeat milliner to indie fiber supplier…an interesting unexpected journey began. Sayra manifests her creativity by exploring different color hues, and mixing them together. She dyes all her fibers, and favors local wool. Her studio is overflowing with baskets of colorful fibers, she also has six sewing machines. She’s living the good life, in the hills of North Idaho with her family. 





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