A little makeover.

Here's the new avatar above, similar pose, the same yarn and crazy painted look. I works.

This is the old avatar, it was a quick snapshot I did a few years back. It was for feedback/customer appreciation on Etsy. I'd just received Clowntown corespun yarn from Spinswim, and loved it!

I've been doing the same old stuff, well maybe. Slight variations, I paid my Idaho sales tax; and applied to another craft show. Trying to not procrastinate as much as last year. Next on the list: clean up the studio & continue dyeing wool!

I've been slowly noodling over upgrading my graphics. New postcards, yarn wrappers and more. The goal? To keep things interesting. Recently I commissioned a large 6 foot banner to be designed. I wanted to include my Atomicblue avatar. The resolution was too low......so I tried a reshoot! I thought it would be easy. Not! After about 40 frames I had something similar. Then I goofed about with the hand coloring program. Close, yet different! It's important to have continuity, when messing with stuff like this. Because, really my avatar is my identity!